My Digital World

In today’s world, our lives have become much easier with the use of technologies such as computer and internet as people all around the world can easily access to all kind of new information. You need information about an individual, location, store, or even need help for your assignment? Then through the internet, it is the fastest and cheapest way to obtain this information. More importantly, the difference between searching answers on the internet is instantaneous compare to asking for help or even researching in at library which can take hours. Do you remember the huge amount of books and notes you had to carry to go school or to bring home to can do your work? Hence, the good news that with technologies, you can easily carry those entire books of information into your pen drive or even your smartphones. We are not only living in the digital era, but we are also living in the 24/7 era which means that people can now work either at night or morning and they are no more limited compare to the last decades where they had to work in the morning only.

Moreover, it can be seen or even argued that it is the today student that benefits and have the most advantage from the digital and 24/7 era. As nowadays, any student can type and search for information at the same time and at a much faster pace than the previous generation. When we are speaking of the digital era, we should never forget about the ease for communication that come with it. Imagine, people in the past were communicating through letters and had to wait for weeks to get a reply whereas, today it instantaneous. Distance and price was completely removed as a barrier to communication. This is mainly done through Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp and Viber. Hence, allowing people to work at home if they are willing to.

As a Marketing student, it can be seen that this era brought to me a various type of innovative way to communicate for the purpose of advertising and sales promotion. Well, firstly, we can reach a larger audience. Also, it can be seen that the digital platform such as social media had been helping to removed the barrier of culture which make people more understand people from a different culture more easily. Look at this video advertising made by Blizzard for its Card Game, Hearthstone.

As you can see it is mainly target to Japanese audience. It is a video which directly point to Japanese culture. Here, the old school will probably say, only Japanese people would understand this and would actually feel any emotion toward it. As someone from the current era, I say the old timer should quit talking and go learn about the current era. The video got more comment and views from the people outside of Japan. If you look at the comment below the video, you can see that people understand the reference and that the ads actually had some effect on them.


ハースストーンTVCM 「一発逆転」篇 60秒:

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